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The rise of private medical schools in the UK

What will be the cost of medical education going private?. “You will be part of a transformative moment in British higher education as you join an adventurous Medical School with progressive teaching, …

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An introduction to prescribing

Writing a safe, effective, and legal prescription. Prescribing is an essential skill that medical students must learn. It has the potential to improve health, but is associated …

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Passing the situational judgement test

How to answer questions and plan your time. The situational judgement test (SJT) has been used since 2012 by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) …

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Apply for the 2015 Student BMJ Clegg Scholarship

The Student BMJ Clegg Scholarship is a great opportunity to gain an insight into how a medical journal is run, get involved in creating engaging educational material, and learn how to get published. We are looking for four students who are studying medicine …

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A review of the major health stories in 2014

Looking back on some of the key stories of the past year. An investigation by The BMJ claimed the government’s consultation on minimum alcohol pricing was …

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