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Passing the situational judgement test

How to answer questions and plan your time. The situational judgement test (SJT) has been used since 2012 by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) as one of the components to allocate students to …

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Interpreting the wrist radiograph in adult trauma

How to interpret radiographs of the adult wrist—normal anatomy and distal radial fractures. It is important for all newly qualified …

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Behind the medical headlines

Which health stories can you believe?. During your career as a doctor, patients, friends, or family members will no doubt ask for your advice on the latest health claims made in …

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Prioritising your jobs on call

How to decide what to do, and when. Most medical students are familiar with the “day job” of being a junior doctor, which includes organising ward rounds, booking tests, and writing …

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Which specialty should I choose?

Dear Caroline I’m in my last year at medical school and still haven’t got a clue what specialty to choose. Two years from now I’ll be in my foundation year 2 and I’ll have to decide which career pathway I want to pursue. The trouble is that I have enjoyed all …

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