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Who would be a GP?

What needs to change to increase the number of medical students choosing general practice?. General practice is the front line of medicine in the United Kingdom, where 90% of patient contacts take place. Demand is increasing, with more and more patients using out of hours services and mounting pressures …

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Dealing with a deteriorating patient on call

What to do if the worst happens. Most medical students are familiar with the “day job” of being a junior doctor, which includes organising ward rounds, …

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Preparing to prescribe

Lessons from the prescribing safety assessment. In 2014, most medical students graduating in the United Kingdom sat the prescribing safety assessment (PSA) for the first time. Some …

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Common medicolegal problems faced by medical students

What legal support might you need as a medical student?. As future doctors, medical students are held to higher standards of conduct and ethics than many of their student peers. Student pranks can backfire and lead to …

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The rise of private medical schools in the UK

What will be the cost of medical education going private?. “You will be part of a transformative moment in British higher education as you join an adventurous …

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