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A national exam for India?

What is happening to medical school admissions in India?. Perhaps the most worrying time for medical students is before they start medical school. The process of getting into a medical school of choice …

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Sickle cell disease in childhood

Managing common complications. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is one of the most severe monogenic conditions in the world. It has now overtaken cystic fibrosis to become the most common and fastest growing life threatening genetic disorder in England.1 Overseas, …

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Want to study medicine abroad?

We tell you what it’s really like. For every student that gains entry into a UK medical school, nine do not.1 Many are left with their aspirations shattered after undertaking a …

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‘Appy Days

Which medical education apps are worth a try?. As a medical student starting clinical attachments, I could barely remember which end of a stethoscope went in my ears, let alone the seemingly infinite causes of atrial fibrillation. Consequently, I spent more time in the library than on the ward, …

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Making the most of general practice placements

Tips to help you get ahead. General practice placements have been an integral part of undergraduate medical training for a long …

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