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You’ve been bleeped: found on the floor

The aim of this series is to present common on-call scenarios that you may face as a junior doctor and to provide a framework to help deal with your reactions when the bleep goes off. By reflecting the …

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Is publishing surgeons’ mortality rates a good idea?

Will greater transparency lead to more informed decisions?. In 2014, the NHS for the first time published the individual mortality …

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Why medical students’ mental health is a taboo subject

Why stigma and misconceptions persist. Mental health problems such as eating disorders, anxiety, and depression are common and …

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News in brief: March 2015

The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) has received 399 more applications than the number of places available for the 2015 foundation programme. On 5 March all fully eligible applicants will be ranked in score order and the top 7109 will be allocated to foundation schools. The remaining …

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Junior doctor contract negotiations

Talks have stalled between the government and the BMA. In October 2014 talks between the BMA and the government on proposed changes to junior doctors’ contracts …

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