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Future doctors: the NHS needs your leadership

How you can transform the health service you work for in the future. The NHS must transform itself to meet the challenge of continuing to deliver a world class health service in response to an ageing and …

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Is publishing surgeons’ mortality rates a good idea?

Will greater transparency lead to more informed decisions?. In 2014, the NHS for the first time published the individual mortality …

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Why medical students’ mental health is a taboo subject

Why stigma and misconceptions persist. Mental health problems such as eating disorders, anxiety, and depression are common and …

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The Shape of Training review explained

What is it, what’s all the fuss about, and what does it mean for you?. Proposed reforms to UK medical education and training have recently prompted headlines …

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Medical schools should stop cherry picking league table data

Applicants should examine the GMC’s new database instead, says Richard Wakeford. How can two universities both claim to be the …

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