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Applying to the UK foundation programme

Submit your application the best you can. It’s your last year of medical school. You may already have completed your exams and are looking forward to some solid clinical time, and some of you will be knuckling …

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Your first clinical attachment

An introduction to life on the wards. After two or more years of learning medicine by osmosis from the back of the lecture theatre, the transition to clinical years can be startling. …

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A significant death

Student BMJ readers write about the first patient they saw die as a medical student or junior doctor. I vividly remember the first death I saw. It was an older man who had been admitted in a pretty poor state. The consultant had said he would likely die in a few days and signed a “do not attempt …

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A safe on call: preparing for your first on call

Preparing for your first on call What you should find out before you start your first on call. Most medical students are familiar with the “day job” of being a junior doctor, which includes organising ward rounds, booking tests, and writing discharge summaries. …

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Five key issues for the NHS

What you need to know. It’s been a turbulent few years for the National Health Service and the pressure is unlikely to ease as we approach the 2015 general election. The future of the health service could be an important differentiator between the parties, …

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