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You’ve been bleeped: chest pain

The aim of this series is to present common on-call scenarios that you might face as a junior doctor and to provide a framework to help you deal with your reactions when your bleep goes off. By reflecting …

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The rise of private medical schools in the UK

What will be the cost of medical education going private?. “You will be part of a transformative moment in British higher education as you join an adventurous …

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How to get the medical career you want

Some proactive tips for kick starting your career in 2015. “What would you have done differently as a student, knowing what you know now?” It’s a question …

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How would you fix evidence based medicine? Win a reduced rate ticket for Evidence Live 2015

Evidence Live aims to develop evidence based thinking in healthcare. This year’s conference will be held on 13 and 14 April at Oxford University Examination Schools. Evidence …

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A friend in need

Is it safe to help a competitor before an exam or interview?. The relationships we form during studying and working are important during our medical careers. Many medical students …

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