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Personal view - Personal view

Exemplifying leadership

  • By: Thomas Holme
  • Published: 09 November 2011
  • DOI: 10.1136/sbmj.d6677
  • Cite this as: Student BMJ 2011;19:d6677

When I started my first job in August this year, we were told that as part of our foundation portfolio we would have to show evidence of leadership skills. I wasn’t the only one in the room wondering what this meant. Did I have to become captain of the football team? Or lead a research project on the value of yoghurts for treating diarrhoea? The General Medical Council and various reports have emphasised the importance of leadership in the medical curriculum, but it wasn’t until starting clinical practice that I began to understand how this translates into reality.

Firstly, having leadership skills doesn’t mean that you have to want to be the chief executive of a hospital trust, or leader of the British Medical Association. On a day to day level it means becoming confident in making decisions on your own and asking others to act on your decisions. Some

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